Aims & Objectives

  • To raise the overall profile of Engineering in the local area.

  • To raise awareness of the valuable contribution of engineering to our society

  • To enrich the STEM attainment and skill levels of local learners within the project – both through the existing curriculum and extra-curricula activities.

  • To motivate more local learners to take STEM-related studies at FE and HE.

  • To stem the outward flow of talented young people from the local area and, thereby, to increase the employment of local talent within the local engineering sector

The Barrow Engineering Project (BEP) was launched in April 2008 and is a major component of the Royal Academy of Engineering’s ongoing effort to encourage greater numbers of young people - and young people from a more diverse range of backgrounds - to become engineers and technicians.. 

Since its launch the BEP has worked with five secondary schools, two further education colleges, local businesses and other stakeholders in Barrow-in-Furness, to actively engage students with engineering. Th BEP was able to start working with 10 feeder primary schools in the 2011/2012 academic year as well as supporting the establishment of the Furness Education and Skills Partnership (FESP).










2018 The Year of  Engineering

BEP Secondary & FE Schools

  • Furness College (Rating Lane & Channelside Campus)

  • Dowdales School

  • Furness Academy

  • Furness College

  • St. Bernards Catholic High School

  • Ulverston Victoria High School

  • Walney School

  • Chetwynde School

BEP Primary Schools

  • Barrow Island Community Primary School

  • Burlington CE School

  • Holy Family Catholic Primary School

  • George Romney Junior School

  • Low Furness CE Primary School

  • Newbarns Primary School

  • Pennington CE School

  • South Walney Infant School

  • St. Pius X Catholic Primary School

  • Victoria Academy 

BEP Primary Activities 2017/18

Over the last 6 months BEP Project Co-ordinator Amy Lamph has worked closely with the ten primary schools in the BEP network to ensure the funding provided by the Project is used optimally. Once again Primary Schools have been highly enthusiastic and full of exciting ideas. Purchases made this year have included:

  • Kits to support clubs, special activities and the curriculum including Knex Levers and Pulleys Kits, Bee Bots workshops to kick-start learning and understanding of the aspect of programming, Electric Fan buggies kits, Electric carousel pack covering electricity and mechanisms, Pro-Bot cars, Lego NXT kits, badge makers, Lego construction sets and Techcard Kits.

  • Resources for supporting outdoor based science curriculum including pneumatics, cams and stored energy kits, a class of year 5 or 6 children to design/plan and make their very own Den/shelter using an online starter kit, Insect catchers, Wireless weather centre for children to monitor the weather and outdoor Engineers Board to be used by Reception and Nursery age pupils.

  • STEM Club resources including Year 2 Construction Club after school, Kite Kits for year 6 and 5 STEM team to show younger children how to make and fly a kite, funding to Set up a school Lego STEM club during Tomorrows Engineers week with the intention it will be an ongoing club and aid us in competing in the Furness First Lego League.

  • STEM Providers to deliver activities in school including Professor Pumpernickel’s science magic show, Lego City Workshops, CSTEM workshops  and Scientific roadshow day by Professor Brainstorm. 

“We celebrated British Science Week with a range of exciting activities centered around our Kartmania theme, all funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering.”

Victoria Academy Primary School

BEP Secondary Activities 2017/18

The 5 secondary schools and 2 FE colleges in the BEP are determined not to be outdone by the primary schools. The last academic year has seen a merger of the two colleges involved in the BEP. In this academic year the schools and colleges have continued to make full and imaginative use of the budgets which have included:


  • Data loggers that can be used in tomorrows engineers week but also across the STEM curriculum and a range of extra sensor packs to support this resource.

  • Programmable electronic components for use with Engineering clubs and BTEC students.

  • Resources to support masterclasses for year 8/year 9 allowing them to build their own stereo amps.

  • To bring in a facilitator from STEM Cumbria to run a series of workshops for year 8 students.

  • Improve library resources on designers and design movements as well as books to help with the delivery of the new maths and engineering content of the course.

  • Other equipment to support clubs such as the First Lego League Clubs.


In addition STEM Clubs continue to be run in run in all BEP network schools. These clubs use resources and equipment built up over many years’ membership of BEP and support from the Foundation. Some clubs focus on one-off and short-term activities such as the Firth Lego League; others continue to run whole year projects such as Engineering Clubs, construction and Architecture Clubs. Many take part in competitions throughout the year including the rotary engineering competitions.

Tomorrow's Engineers Week 2017

This year 3 secondary coordinators and 7 primary coordinators requested funding (up to £150 per school) for their schools to take part in Tomorrow’s Engineers Week, held in November 2015. A plethora of special STEM activities and events took place, including:


  • STEM days delivered by C-STEM.

  • Themed TEW sessions for existing engineering clubs.

  • Introduction of new clubs beginning in TEW.

  • design, build and test and evaluate a motor/band/wind powered vehicle/product

  • Knex Levers and Pulleys Kits we would like to purchase to use with y5/6 to teach mechanisms during Tomorrows Engineers Week


BEP Schools are also set for an exciting week of activities during British Science Week on 9th -18 March and many schools are using BEP main bids to support their activities:

  • Primary Science week project on the theme of making structures, levers, gears, electrical control, food technology and using fabrics.

  • Professor Pumpernickel to bring in his science magic show

  • In school Science Fairs supported by local industry.

  • Science based quizzes

  • Scientific roadshow day by Professor Brainstorm

  • Science Exploration Week with an “Under the Sea” theme.

You can read more about our BEP Primaries activities during British Science Week 2018 on our Blog:

BEP schools also have access to funded transport to STEM events throughout the year including Furness Big Bang Fair and BAE Future Engineers Day. 

You can read more about these activities on our Blog:

“Our involvement with BEP has been a huge catalyst in highlighting our work on STEM subjects and Engineering projects in particular.  There is pressure on schools to fit in a packed curriculum but BEP funding, support and professional development has enabled us to keep these important subjects and skills as a priority.”

Newbarns Primary School