Building My Skills For World Book Day 2018

Amy and Neil visited Parkside GGI Academy on Thursday March 1st to deliver a special World Book Day 2018 Building my Skills session for Check Point 4 to the Year 2 class.

The theme for Check Point 4 of the Building My Skills programme is all about CVs and Covering Letters but as we were delivering to Year 2 we wanted to start by building an understanding of different life skills and personal qualities including how they can be developed and demonstrated. Pupils were able to tell us about members of their class and activities such as Maths and Rugby that they were good at.

As it was world book day Neil read us a story called "Can I Join Your Club" about Duck who tried and failed to join a range of different animal clubs. We looked at how everyone has skills they could tell people about including teamwork, innovation, leadership and citizenship. Pupils then thought about their own ideal club and what kind of people they would like to join. They thought about personal qualities and skills and why they were important. The class then made us some lovely posters requesting new members to join their club.