Kartmania at Victoria Academy (BSW2018)

Victoria Academy celebrated British Science Week 2018 with a Kartmania project all funded by the BEP main bid funding (£500) from The Royal Academy of Engineering.

This started on Monday with a Kart race involving all 200 plus children and then a whole school design activity whereby children designed their own dream kart.

The rest of the week saw each year group design and make their own vehicle or game with Year 3 making Scuttlers (elastic band powered bugs on wheels), Year 4 Balloon Racers, Year Five battery powered Fan Racers and Year Six a Steady hand Electric Buzzer Challenge.

Victoria Academy finished off with a Lego City workshop for 50 Year 3 and 4 children delivered by Stephen Pilling.

STEM ambassadors and parents helped in what was a fantastic week which has opened the children's eyes to the possibilities involved in a career in engineering.

It sounds like a fantastic project for everyone involved and an exciting use of their BEP funding.